Timing is everything:

When working with babies and toddlers, I find it is best to schedule the session at a time when the child is well rested, so their true personality shines through. The exception to that rule of thumb is with newborn portrait sessions. A sleepy newborn right after feeding is ideal for peaceful and angelic photographs.



Keep it simple. There are no rules here, just recommendations. Try to stay comfortable and true to your style. Solid colors are usually best. I recommend avoiding bright or loud colors, sleeveless shirts or tops, and clothing with complex patterns like plaid. Subtle patterns are fine. Soft colors like pastels are always great choices. Keeping it simple will focus the attention on your child and family - which is what it is all about.


Stress free & Fun:

There is no need to stress about anything. I am very flexible and don’t mind if breaks are needed or if the session takes longer than expected. I am the father of a young toddler and completely understand that things don’t always go as expected. Keeping the session fun and low stress helps capture everyone's fun and unique personalities. If you have multiple young children, scheduling an additional session is an option which allows focus and dedication on individual portraits or large groupings.



All photography sessions are on location. A unique location is chosen with your input to best fit your family’s needs. Large parks like Percy Warner, a little park nestled in your community, or your own home are among the top options.



I will pay close attention to the weather as your session date draws near. I will notify you 48 hours in advance if it appears as though the weather might not cooperate. An overcast day is not a bad thing, but rain will be avoided. Tennessee weather can be unpredictable and if the weather is not ideal, your session will be rescheduled at a time that is convenient for you.



One of the biggest factors in getting great portraits is the light. Early or late in the day are the most ideal times for a photography session. Light in the morning, afternoon, and early evening is very flattering and awesome! The sun can be harsh in the middle of the day and should be avoided if at all possible. For newborn sessions, the direction your home faces is important factor for deciding when the natural light in your home is ideal. Photography is all about the light!



I ask that you leave your cameras at home. Personal photography can be distracting and is not permitted during a session. For events, I ask that you refrain from personal photography only while I am composing posed individual and group portraits.



If you have any additional questions, please ask away. You can call me anytime and ask about anything. I look forward to hearing from you.


I am very interested in your feedback and input. Please feel free to see what others have said about my work or write a review on work I have done for you at dpb photography's reviews.