My name is Derik Burrows. My passion for photography is second only to my family and friends. I discovered photography when I bought an antique Polaroid camera at a yard sale at the age of ten. Like all ten year olds, what little money I had was always burning a hole in my pocket. The film was nearly impossible to find, and what film came with the camera went quickly, as I took pictures of everyone and everything. The film was gone, but the seed had been planted.

As a photographer, I focus on family, life-style, & event photography. I am truly honored every time a family chooses me to capture and record important milestones in their journey together as a family. I firmly believe that some of your most prized possessions 10-20 years from now will be the photographs of the ones you love.

For family portrait sessions I highly recommend getting outside. There is no better backdrop than Tennessee, especially in the fall and spring. There is a time and a place for a flash, but natural light in the morning or late afternoon is awesome! My goal when photographing your family is for your personalities to shine through in each photograph.

My style of photography for events is of a photo journalistic nature. I capture moments as accurately as possible. An added touch of creativity to specific portrait shots is always a welcomed option though.

Thank you to all my family and friends who have helped, supported, and inspired me. A special thank you to my beautiful wife and awesome son. They are my main inspiration and the foundation in which my business lies.

-capturing images as unique as the story they are telling

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015